Six Million Dollar Man, have we reached the era of bionic man?

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Memories from the 80s

Nima Dehghani‘s insight:

I got an invitation to write a paper on a special topic titled "Augmentation of Brain Function: Facts, Fiction and Controversy”. It reminded me of the first science fiction that I read (as a comic strip when I was in elementary school). It was about Steve Austin, an astronaut that was turned into a cyborg after a crash. Last night, I watched an episode of it to see what it was and the intro caught my attention. We already are close to many of those advancements that are portrayed in the film as futuristic. Here are few examples:


* Retinal implant project (note, there are several parallel ones to the Boston project around the world. This is just an example)


* Implants for additional senses. See how Kevin Warwick has turned himself into the first cyborg.

he also has a book named "iCyborg" (the "i" was before the Apple frenzy)


* Orthothics and limb prosthetics: couple of years ago, Hugh Herr (MIT) gave a very good representation of his artificial lower limbs (designed by his team and used by himself) to climb a rock at Human 2.0 symposium. Here is the list of talks that are related to this subject.

Unfortunately it seems that the link to the archived videos is dead. Anyhow, there are number of videos on his invention. You can check TED or these ones for example:


and there are many more possibilities and developments…so, have we reached the era of bionic man?

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