On the intelligence of birds. Polly want a vocabulary?

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“Griffin knows the names of a dozen objects. He can identify five colors and six shapes, and grasps his numbers up to eight. He can ask for his favorite treats and tell you where he’d like to go. And if he likes you, he’ll let you tickle his head.”..

Nima Dehghani‘s insight:

It is remarkable to see how intelligent are other animals (like these parrots) which are in a far distant evolutionary tree from us, other primates and mammals in general. That a completely different brain structure leads to the emergence of intelligent behavior, as sophisticated (or even better in certain cases) as that of higher level mammals, should hint to some neuroscientist and neurophilosophers that banking on mammalian cognitive functions as the holy grain to understand mind is misleading.

See on news.harvard.edu


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